Golden Moments: Bendigo’s Golden Mile Raceday in 100 Snapshots!

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Golden hats off to the dazzling success of the bet365 Golden Mile Raceday! A spectacle of speed, smiles, and golden sunshine.
From the thunderous gallops on the racetrack to the sparkle of panned gold, the bet365 Golden Mile Raceday unfolded into a kaleidoscope of unforgettable moments.
The vibrant energy of Bendigo came alive on April 13, 2024, capturing the spirit of community and the thrill of the race. Families, friends, and fans converged under the autumn sky, adorned in their race-day finest, showcasing that fashion is not just for the horses but for the heart of community celebration as well.
Golden grins were as plentiful as the nuggets in the panning stations, with cheers echoing as Patty Moloney secured a hard-fought victory, described by fans as ‘massive!’ It wasn’t just about the races; the event offered a blend of attractions from face painting to wine tasting, ensuring a memorable day out for all.
With live music setting the backdrop, every strum of the guitar seemed to resonate with the message: “Join us, and experience the joy of togetherness.” Don’t let the next race pass you by – be part of the community, the excitement, and the stories that will be told for years to come.

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