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Photos of Bendigo

We’re an online publication of sport, news, stock, and event photography in the central Victorian region, we make it convenient for you to access photos directly from events. We directly collaborate with photographers covering various events, ensuring that you can easily find the photos you need, all in one centralized location. Whether you’re seeking images from news articles, stock photoshoots or sporting events, we’ve got you covered.

Captured for the locals

A Team of Professionals Brining their best

Bendigo Magazine Photos

If you’ve been captured by one of our talented photographers at an event covered by the Bendigo Magazine, chances are you’ll discover your photos right here. While there’s nothing quite like the tangible experience of flipping through printed pages, you can also search directly for the event here to locate your images with ease.

Marathon Event Photos

If you have been snapped by our team of photographers at one of Bendigo’s major running events like the Bendiog Fun Run or Mother’s Day classic, then we have deciat4ed a website called Marathon Event Photos that lets you search for your bib number, which gives you a better direct access to your photos. 

General Event Photography

If you’re in Bendigo, chances are you’ve encountered one of our photographers. Nearly all the public photo galleries captured by our team can be found right here, simplifying your search for photos using the event name. Save yourself the hassle of remembering the photographer’s name and access everything you might need right here.

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Search & explore

Find photos by searching the event name or browsing the most recent stories on the news feed. We keep galleries as old as 1 year. 


Add to Downloads

Access the event gallery you’re looking for, by logging in using your valid email address. This ensures privacy protection and secures access to the photos, preventing bots from accessing them. 


Complete the Checkout

Once you find the photo you’re looking for, you can add it to your cart for download. Alternatively, we can send you a physical printed copy in the mail to anywhere in Australia. Simply select your preferred size and proceed with the checkout process.

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Pricavy Polcy

At Bendigo Photos, we are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring the security of your personal information. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, disclose, and manage your personal information when you visit our website or use our services.

Privacy Policy, Photos of Bendigo

How we use photos

The photos listed for purchase on this website are solely for the individual, personal use of the people and family photographed. We do not sell these photos for stock or commercial use.

Image vs Privacy

The use of your image and likeness is separate from privacy concerns, which typically involve details such as your name, address, and other metadata about you. Photos of Bendigo does not store or release data about individuals within photos.

Editorial usage

Photos within the galleries on this website may be used for brief editorial news snippets on social media. However, photos used for event promotional purposes are subject to the event ticket’s terms and conditions of entry. Any inquiries regarding the use of photos for event promotion should be directed to the event host or organizer.

Keeping the team going

Purchasing Photos

Supporting Local News

Purchasing photos from Photos of Bendigo sustains local journalism by providing revenue for news outlets. This support helps fund the salaries of journalists and photographers, ensuring continued coverage of community events and issues.

Supporting Career Pathways

Buying photos from Photos of Bendigo aids emerging photographers in establishing their careers. By providing them with income and recognition, you help foster the growth and diversity of the local photography industry.

Keeping the Community Informed

Purchasing photos from Photos of Bendigo contributes to the documentation of community events and moments. These photos enhance the community’s collective memory and understanding of local issues, fostering a sense of connection and engagement among residents.

Find a photo

The search engine only looks up galleries, not individual photos. When searching for photos, you can’t use your name. You can only search using general information like the event name, location, community group involved or date. 

Using watermark versions

No, using watermarked photos constitutes copyright infringement. Watermarks indicate copyrighted content that should not be copied and disturbed or stored even for personal usage.

To remove the watermark you will need to purchase the photos, only after checkout with you be redirected to a clean version of your photo. 

Purchasing Physical Prints

Choose the print size, adjust the quantity, and complete the purchase. Prints are mailed to your address and sealed for protection. We use a slow mail delivery system, so often, the printing and delivery process can take up to 10 business days. 


Photos of Bendigo End User License Agreement for Private Customers

Purchasing Digital Downloads

Add digital photos to your download cart, and upon purchase, you’ll receive a download link via email and be redirect sttaight away to access your photo.

Mission Statement

What we do for the community

Captured for the Locals

Capture the essence of Bendigo for its residents. Through our photography, we aim to encapsulate the beauty, diversity, and spirit of our community, ensuring that local moments are preserved and celebrated.

Connecting Community Leaders and Events with the Public

Dedicated to bridging the gap between community leaders, events, and the public. By documenting and sharing local gatherings, initiatives, and happenings, we facilitate communication and engagement, fostering a stronger sense of connection and collaboration within the community.

Sustainable Income for Local Jobs

Contributing to the sustainability of our local economy by providing income opportunities for photographers and other local professionals. By supporting our platform, you are not only investing in high-quality photography but also in the livelihoods of individuals who call Bendigo home.

Photo Order Tracking

Digital photos are delivered via email, and physical orders do not have postage tracking. You can always reply to the receipt email to reach out to our order support if you are experiencing difficlitiues. 

Usage of Digital Photos

For personal and limited business use. Read our license for more details.

Remove or Report a Photo

Yes, photos can be removed by request.

Email Log In

Upon finding the event gallery you are looking for, you will only be able to access the photos by signing in with a valid email. If you use a fake email, the spam prevention will block you. Additionally, if you have previously accessed the gallery but then unsubscribed from our email list, you will also not be able to access the photo galleries.

Unsubscribed emails can’t access our photo galleries. You may decide to double opt back in to our email list to regain access to the photo galleries.