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Website Disclaimer

Welcome to the Photos of Bendigo website. Before using this website, please read and understand the following disclaimer:

Validity of Information

Photos of Bendigo does not take responsibility for the validity of information and opinions expressed on this website. Data and content provided should be interpreted for fact-entertainment purposes.

Historical Information and Articles

Photos of Bendigo strives to provide accurate historical information and articles. However, we do not take responsibility for the accuracy and opinions of our writer’s interpretation of historical events. Users should conduct their own independent research to assess the accuracy of the content provided.

Photo Descriptions

Photo descriptions provided on this website are for informational purposes only. While we aim to provide accurate information about historical photos, we do not guarantee the accuracy of photo descriptions concerning dates, authorship, source, or place seen within the image.

Orphan Photos

Orphan photos, which lack a reputable original source or authenticated author, will have a blank space in the title of the image.

Images Not Available for Download

Historical photos on Bendigo.Photos are for display and entertainment purposes only and cannot be downloaded.

Event & Location Stories

Photos of Bendigo may or may not be affiliated with the places, events, businesses, or organizations depicted in articles. Users are encouraged to conduct their own research to assess the accuracy of the information provided.

Fair Dealings

Photos of Bendigo reserves the right to use copyright material or express information on this website without formal consent for the purpose of reporting news, criticism, review, research, or study.

Use at Your Own Risk

Users of content, advice, and information found on this website do so at their own risk. Photos of Bendigo does not take responsibility for errors or omissions that result in harm to its users.

Do Your Own Research

Users are encouraged to do their own research and seek professional advice relating to topics and content discussed on this website. Citations for opinions and information should be verified independently.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this disclaimer or the content on our website, please contact us via the provided contact form.

Thank you for visiting Photos of Bendigo.