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The Bendigo Photos team and our story

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The photographers behind Bendigo Photos are a talented and diverse team of professionals who are passionate about capturing the essence of Bendigo and its vibrant community. They come from various backgrounds and specialties, ranging from event photography and videography to photo booth operations and social media marketing.

About the Services

At Bendigo Photos, we’re not just photographers with cameras; we’re a team of savvy individuals who understand the big picture. Our team comprises professionals from various disciplines and practices, including photography, videography, website development, event management, and email marketing.

This diverse expertise allows us to offer a spectrum of services beyond traditional photography. From capturing moments at events to creating engaging videos, running photo booths, managing social media presence, and providing comprehensive event management and marketing solutions, we have the skills to meet diverse needs. Our team approach enables us to offer innovative and comprehensive services that exceed the capabilities of hiring an individual photographer and ensure the success of any project or event.

One of our specialty services is coordinating multiple photographers at some of Bendigo’s largest events. Whether you need concurrent photo coverage or live photo editing services over multiple days, we can provide the necessary support.

Having a team of experts means more eyes and know-how to solve problems that a single individual couldn’t handle alone. If you’re unsure about the best photographer for the job, we can easily switch out professionals to best suit your needs. This quality control and adaptable approach to photography are what set us apart in an ever-evolving market.

About the Photographers

At Bendigo Photos, each of us brings our unique style and expertise to the table, ensuring that we can cater to a wide range of client needs and preferences. With our creative vision and technical skills, we work tirelessly to deliver high-quality images that tell compelling stories and preserve precious memories for our clients.

Our director of photographers at Bendigo Photos, AJ Taylor, serve as the driving force behind our team. Having started as a sole trader, AJ understands the challenges of getting off the ground in the world of photography. Over time, he has become a mentor and trainer for numerous young videographers and photographers in the Bendigo area.

Under his leadership, Bendigo Photos has specialized in a wide range of photography services, offering comprehensive solutions to meet modern-day photography needs. We have developed straightforward, inclusive package options for locals seeking event photos and events seeking better promotions.

In providing young photographers with invaluable opportunities to work within the community, build up their skills, and gain connections in the industry. Our progressive pathway lays out a clear journey for aspiring creatives, saving them time and effort in learning how to make a living from their passion.

We actively encourage our photographers to grow and reach out to the community under their business names. Through this approach, they can establish themselves as independent professionals while still benefiting from the support and resources available within the Bendigo Photos network.

You can follow our photographers and reach out to them directly if you desire their services. We are proud to have a talented team of individuals who are passionate about capturing moments and telling stories through their lens.

About the goal

At Bendigo Photos, our goal is to be the go-to hub for photography services in the Bendigo community. We are dedicated to connecting local photographers, businesses, and event organizers to create a vibrant and inclusive creative community.

Our aim is to provide high-quality photographic coverage of community events, businesses, and local activities while offering photographers a platform to showcase their work and earn income. We believe in fostering social connections, community engagement, and well-being through the art of photography.

Ultimately, we strive to become the go-to destination for photography services in Bendigo, contributing to the cultural and economic vitality of the region.

As a team, we are committed to staying ahead of trends and understanding the evolving culture of our community, and how we consume media. We provide innovative photographic services that resonate with both our local audience and businesses and events looking to connect with their locals.

Whether we’re capturing the essence of a community event or showcasing the vibrancy of local businesses, we serve as a bridge between the community and the events and businesses that shape it.

Through our creativity, professionalism, and dedication to excellence, we aim to foster stronger connections and a greater sense of community cohesion in Bendigo.

Who are photographers in the Bendigo Photos Network

These photographers who each bring their own unique style and expertise to the Bendigo community, offering a diverse range of photography services to meet the needs of clients and events alike.

About Bendigo Photos images for bendigo

AJ Taylor – Director of Photographers 

Wedding Photos

Commercial Work

AJ Taylor is a wedding and event photographer based in Bendigo, and he is celebrated for his prolific and artistic approach to event photography. He is profoundly committed to capturing the essence of each event he attends, infused with a unique style that combines technical expertise with a nuanced understanding of cinematic composition.

AJ’s work is characterized by his ability to distil scenes into compelling visual narratives, making him a sought-after photographer in the community. His dedication to his craft and his knack for creating vibrant, memorable images showcase his deep connection to the art of photography and the stories he helps to tell.

About Bendigo Photos images for bendigo

Daniel Soncin – Team Leader

Wedding Videographer

Theatre Photos/Video

“Hello! I’m Daniel Soncin, a passionate wedding videographer based in Bendigo, dedicated to capturing the heartfelt moments and unique love stories of couples on their special day. With a background in theatre production and acting, I bring a cinematic flair to every wedding film, ensuring each one is as emotionally resonant as it is visually stunning.

When I’m not behind the camera, you might find me exploring new places, involved in local theatre, or working on personal photography projects that keep my creative juices flowing. I’m excited to bring my passion and expertise to your wedding, ensuring that we capture the magic of your day in a way that resonates with you forever.”

About Bendigo Photos images for bendigo

Tyler Okeefe – Photo Booth Operator

Bendigo Photo Booth

Tyler Okeefe Events

Tyler O’Keefe, a vibrant event photographer from Bendigo, is mentored by AJ Taylor and is known for his dynamic work in Bendigo Magazine. He captures significant local events, enhancing his portfolio and skills.

Beyond photography, Tyler is a committed volunteer youth leader, mentoring young adults and guiding them to find meaning in their lives. He also specializes in creating unforgettable social experiences with innovative photo booth services, including 360-degree videos and the popular Magic Mirror Booth at weddings and celebrations, where guests can capture and print memories instantly.

About Bendigo Photos images for bendigo

Alex Chng – 2nd Photographer

Alex Chng is a known for his expertise in capturing the essence of Chinese culture. With years of experience shooting events for the Bendigo Chinese Association Inc., Alex has become a name in the community for documenting cultural celebrations and festivities.

His extensive portfolio includes coverage of iconic events like the Bendigo Easter Festival’s “Awakening the Dragon” and the Parade Day. Alex’s keen eye for detail and ability to capture the vibrancy of cultural events have earned him recognition and praise from clients and audiences alike.

As a marathon photographer, Alex is known for his quick shooting skills and ability to adapt to fast-paced environments. Whether he’s documenting a cultural ceremony or capturing the excitement of a festival parade, Alex’s commitment to delivering high-quality images is unwavering.

About Bendigo Photos images for bendigo

Jeremy Robinson – 2nd Photographer and Editor

Car Photographer

Jeremy Robinson, known as shotsbyjeremy on social media, is a talented automotive photographer based in Bendigo and known for travelling to capture the best in car photography. With a passion for automotive and photography, Jeremy has honed his skills to capture stunning images of dream cars, fulfilling his lifelong passion. His portfolio showcases various automotive shots, from sleek sports cars to powerful muscle cars.

Jeremy’s journey into photography began with a sales background in photography gear at Camera House, where he developed a keen eye for the details. His dedication to his craft has taken him to various locations, including Canberra, where he had the pleasure of photographing inspiring individuals and awesome cars

Jeremy’s work reflects his deep appreciation for automobiles and the people behind them. His ability to capture the essence of each vehicle he photographs, combined with his genuine passion for the craft. Whether it’s shooting in Bendigo, Sydney, or beyond, Jeremy continues to impress with his exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to his art.

About Bendigo Photos images for bendigo

Tayla – Videographer and editor

About Bendigo Photos images for bendigo

Bryanna – Socials and assistant photographer