Bendigo’s Blue Tree Project: Painting Positivity Reflection and Connection

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Unveiling the poignant Blue Tree at Lake Neangar—a vibrant reminder to stay connected. Discover the story behind this symbol

On a bright and hopeful morning on May 3, 2024, the community of Bendigo gathered at Lake Neangar Eaglehawk to witness the launch of a significant mental health awareness initiative—the Blue Tree Project by Suicide Prevention Awareness Network (SPAN) Central Victoria. This local adaptation of a global movement saw the transformation of an ordinary tree into a striking blue monument, a visual prompt to encourage mental health conversations.

The newly painted Blue Tree, standing vivid against the natural backdrop of the lake, is not just a piece of public art; it is a beacon for communal support and open dialogue about mental well-being. Supported by the City of Greater Bendigo, which also funded a nearby reflective seat, the installation invites residents to pause, sit, and reflect on the importance of checking in with one another.

The event highlighted the collaborative efforts of SPAN Central Victoria, local agencies, community groups, and dedicated individuals. “This Blue Tree is a testament to what we can achieve together for mental health,” expressed a SPAN committee member during the launch. It serves as a reminder of the ongoing need for a whole-community approach to saving lives, emphasizing that sometimes, a simple ‘Are you ok?’ can mean everything.

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