Celebrating 26 Years of Impact: Bendigo Mother’s Day Classic 2024 Draws Crowds

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🌸 Making strides against cancer, one step at a time! 💕 This year’s #Bendigo Mothers Day Classic saw unprecedented community support. 🏃‍♀️🎗️ Celebrate and commemorate at Bendigo events and news photos.
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  • Photographers: 📷 Daniel Soncin, @ajtaylor_images, tylerok31_photo, @shotsbyjeremy, Tayla Aceri
  • Community Impact: Over $44 million raised for breast cancer research since 1998, with funds now also supporting vital ovarian cancer research.
  • Event Hosts: Madi & Lisa, ensuring the event’s success against all odds.
  • Warm-up Coach: Alycia from The Strongest Mum, ready to energize participants on the big day.
  • Gold Sponsor: Hive Family Support Services, offering invaluable support for local families.
  • Silver Sponsor: Bendigo Toyota, providing the drive for a brighter tomorrow.
  • Bronze Sponsors: UltraBuild Bendigo, laying the foundation for community support.

The 2024 Bendigo Mother’s Day Classic, held at Mason Field, Strathdale Park, united over 1.6 million supporters nationwide, with thousands participating locally in the 4km and 8km events on Sunday, May 12th. This year marked a pivotal expansion in the event’s mission, with funds raised now supporting both breast and ovarian cancer research through partnerships with the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

This year, the event faced potential cancellation but thanks to the diligent efforts of our hosts, Madi, an office manager and support worker, and Lisa, a dedicated mother of two, the event was a resounding success. Their behind-the-scenes work ensured that the event could go ahead, embodying the community spirit that the Bendigo Mother’s Day Classic is known for.

Alycia, a fitness expert specializing in pre and postnatal training, was on hand to get participants warmed up. Her business, The Strongest Mum, not only supports physical fitness but also empowers women towards financial independence through small business coaching. This aligns perfectly with the event’s ethos of creating a stronger, more connected community.

Our sponsors played a critical role in this year’s event. Hive Family Support Services, our gold sponsor, provides essential support to families with disabilities. Bendigo Toyota, our silver sponsor, brings mobility and reliability to the community with their extensive range of vehicles. UltraBuild Bendigo, one of our bronze sponsors, contributes their expertise in building to support the event infrastructure.

Among the incredible participants was cancer survivor Bridget Whitfield, who inspired us all with her courage and resilience. Bridget’s journey reminds us of the importance of early detection and regular breast checks. 💪💖