Bendigo Bricks 2024: A Spectacular LEGO Adventure Awaits! lego images for bendigo

Bendigo Bricks 2024: A Spectacular LEGO Adventure Awaits!

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This past weekend, the Bendigo Exhibition Centre transformed into a vibrant paradise for LEGO® enthusiasts as Bendigo Bricks 2024 unfolded in all its glory. Hosted by the Bendigo LEGO® User Group, this spectacular event brought together over 120 LEGO® fans from across Victoria and Australia, showcasing their incredible creations and sharing their passion with the community. 🎨🛠️ Over 150 stunning LEGO® builds on display, from intricate models to imaginative landscapes 🌍 The introduction of the Bendigo Brick Market, offering everything LEGO® - from rare sets to beloved minifigs 🛍️ Aspen Arnold's mesmerizing Hobbiton build, a delight for all Lord of the Rings aficionados 🌳 Exciting finds at Erica's Bricks and Engraved Name Bricks, from collector sets to unique LEGO® accessories 🔍 The return of the Fun with Bricks play area, a hit with kids and adults alike for hands-on fun 🎉 Supporting FairyBricks through Lucky Bricks, spreading joy and creativity to children in need 🧱 Bendigo Bricks 2024 was more than just an exhibition; it was a gathering of minds, a celebration of creativity, and a testament to the timeless appeal of LEGO®. Through this event, Bendigo Photos is proud to have captured not just the creations but the spirit of community, innovation, and joy that defines such gatherings. Don't miss out on future events that bring our community together in such vibrant and meaningful ways. Follow Bendigo Photos on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated, and remember to share your favorite memories using #bendigophotos, #bendigobricks, and #capturedforthelocals. Let's keep building connections, one brick at a time! 🚀🌟

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