National Tree Day 2023: A Green Celebration of Community Unity

National Tree Day 2023: A Green Celebration of Community Unity

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On a beautiful morning, the Ironbark Gully Friends and the community gathered to celebrate National Tree Day. The event took place at 38 Victoria Street Ironbark, on Sunday, 30th July, from 10 am to 2 pm. Approximately 170 people attended the event, including members from the City of Greater Bendigo council, Family Nature Group, Rotary, Bendigo Scouts, and Australia Conservation Foundation. Together, they planted over 2700 trees, shrubs, and everlasting daisies, enhancing the natural beauty of the surroundings. The day was filled with excitement and enthusiasm as participants young and old came together to nurture the young saplings. Families worked side by side, making it a true family affair, with children inspired by the eco-friendly actions of their elders. In addition to tree planting, participants enjoyed a Free Rotary BBQ and snacks, provided to fuel their energy throughout the event. Gardening gloves, hats, and covered shoes were essential to ensure everyone's safety and comfort during the tree-planting activities. The event created a vibrant and serene atmosphere, with recreational activities like frisbee-catching adding a touch of fun to the day. Participants donned their warm hats, embracing the cool weather as they took part in the green initiative. The Ironbark Gully Friends expressed their gratitude to the community for their overwhelming support and participation. The collective effort made a significant impact on the local environment, creating a healthier and more sustainable landscape for future generations to enjoy. The National Tree Day celebration served as a testament to the power of community unity and environmental stewardship. Together, the participants demonstrated their commitment to creating a greener and more vibrant future for all. With the newly planted trees and shrubs, the Ironbark Gully is poised to thrive, providing shade, beauty, and sanctuary for years to come. The event was a resounding success, and the Ironbark Gully Friends look forward to future initiatives that promote a healthier and more sustainable Bendigo. Thank you to everyone who participated, and let's continue to celebrate the wonders of nature and work together for a greener future.

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