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Hundreds of academics, civic leaders, and alumni from Bendigo TAFE and La Trobe University gathered to celebrate 150 years of tertiary education in Bendigo. The academic procession started at The Capital and concluded at Bendigo TAFE's MacGillivray Hall, honouring the city's long-standing thirst for knowledge. The TAFE and La Trobe University lead the celebrations, including the launch of the commemorative book "Memories and Milestones: Tertiary Education in Bendigo 1873-2023". The book features colourful recollections from 26 contributors, including staff, alumni, and members of the community. The celebration also revealed details of a prescient letter penned by Edward Thompson, a respected Principal of the Bendigo Institute of Technology at McCrae Street, and enclosed in a time capsule in 1973. Ted Thompson's son, Ted Jr., revealed the letter to the media.

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