Historical Photo Accreditation

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For using Historical Stock Images.
When using historical images the user understands their moral responsibility for crediting the original content creator.

Photos should be credited with the original content creator. If this is not known then the next most relevant person or entity it is used, like the publication, source provider or content distributor.

Photos of Bendigo places the most relevant accreditation in the title and this should be visible when using the photo.

Example of Title

In this example the name Samuel Calvert is the person who should be morally credited as taking the image or producing the original art work.

When an artwork or photo can’t be credit it is called an orphan work and will not have a name in the title.

Example of Title

Photos of Bendigo also provides descriptions with images placed below the tile when this information is available. It will generally read with the date of creation, followed by a blurb and any further information about the content or content creator.

Example of Description
Date August 27, 1867 The Myer’s Creek gold rush, near Sandhurst. Sketch by Samuel Calvert 1828-1913 artist.

This deception does not have to be used but does help understand what is being seen in the image or where it originated from.

Main content distributors Photos of Bendigo acquires historical photos from.

Website disclaimer

Photos of Bendigo does not take responsibility for the validity of information and opinions of authors or users expressed on this website. Data and content provided on this site should be interpreted for fact-entertainment purposes.

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