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Harcourt's spirit and generosity.

2024 Harcourt Applefest: A Celebration of Community and Harvest

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Jeremy Robinson

Jeremy Robinson

Our Bendigo Community
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The day was a hot one but still featured laughter, music, and the shared joy of the community coming together. The apple pie eating contest, every moment was a celebration of Harcourt's spirit and generosity. Duck Cameron the Conjurer and Wendy Stapleton’s Australian Women’s Choir gave a performance, adding magic and melody to an already unforgettable day. From art to cookery to Lego creations. Every participant brought their best, making this Applefest truly remarkable. Harcourt Valley, with its apples, wine, cider, and cycling, proves once again to be a jewel in Victoria's crown. Here's to another year of fruitful celebrations and community togetherness. Until next time, Harcourt! 🍏🎉

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