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Bendigo Ford Marong Cup Day 2024

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Tyler Okeefe

Tyler Okeefe

Our Bendigo Community
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🌟 Reflecting on the incredible Bendigo Ford Marong Cup Day 2024! 🏇 It was a day filled with excitement, laughter, and community spirit as we gathered at the Bendigo Jockey Club on February 17th. 🎉 The event was a testament to our strong support for our local Catholic primary schools and the amazing work they do. From thrilling races to family-friendly activities, it was a day to remember. As we look back on this memorable day, we're reminded of the lasting legacy it leaves behind - one of unity, generosity, and pride in our community. The Marong Racing Club was formed in the 1860's with races held at Marong. Later it became a traditional 'St Patrick's Day' Club raising funds for the Catholic Community in Bendigo. All profits from Marong Cup Race Day are distributed to the eight catholic primary schools in the Bendigo area. Marong Racing Club went into recess during World War II, and when the Club reformed races were run at Kyneton and Heathcote before Marong became a tenant club at Bendigo.

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