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AJ Taylor

AJ Taylor – Chief of Photography at Bendigo Photos

Homegrown Bendigo photographer still on the move up

AJ Taylor is a well-known member of the community and features himself as one of the best photographers in Bendigo for event and journalism photography.

AJ has over submitted over 40,000 photos to the Bendigo.Photos galleries and continues to add to that collection on a daily basis. He also works as the strategic director at Photos of Bendigo coordinating other photographers and serving the community in new ways by starting the central victorian photo map and creating a stock photo gallery of Bendigo that he has kindly made free for businesses and individuals use while the effects of COVID-19 weigh down on us.

He believes in providing opportunities for businesses to reestablish their digital presence with the use of free stock photos will help build long term growth in Bendigo for everyone.

Follow his journey as a photographer and videographer on his weekly behind the scene post.

If you want to hire him directly as your Bendigo photographer, you can reach out to him on his own website AJTaylor Images.

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