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Chinese New Year Bendigo

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Daniel Soncin

Daniel Soncin

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🐉 Bendigo's Chinese New Year celebration came alive with the legendary return of Sun Loong, the revered dragon! 🎊 Despite his retirement, Sun Loong couldn't resist marking the Year of the Dragon in style. 🌟 Last seen in 2019, this iconic figure delighted the crowds with his majestic presence and timeless charm. 💫 Thousands gathered at the Golden Dragon Museum, eagerly awaiting his appearance. 🏮 Food trucks lined the streets, lion teams danced, and the atmosphere was electric. ⚡️ It was a true spectacle that drew people from near and far, highlighting Bendigo's rich cultural tapestry. 🎉 As the celebrations continue, let's embrace the spirit of unity and joy that Lunar New Year brings!

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