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Medal Day dazzled Bendigo with stunning performances and social dancing!
The Term 2 Medal Day at Let’s Dance Studio was a spectacular celebration of dedication, talent, and community spirit on Sunday, 30th June 2024. Enthusiastic dancers from beginners to seasoned performers showcased their skills in a variety of styles, including Tangonette, Jive, and Bachata. Participants proudly received their medals in front of an encouraging audience, making the event a memorable milestone in their dance journey.
The day kicked off with a warm-up and social dance session, setting an energetic tone for the medal presentations. Each dancer demonstrated their hard-earned routines, from Fiona Green’s vibrant Jive to Anna-Louise Monro’s elegant Argentine Tango. Notable performances included a Gold Samba demonstration by Jennifer Rae Elliot and Karen Hamilton, captivating the crowd with their grace and precision.
In addition to the medal presentations, attendees enjoyed social dancing sessions and special performances by Liz and Alex, who delivered an impressive Tango and Gold Samba showcase. The event fostered a sense of community, with participants and spectators alike sharing in the joy of dance. Attendees were also invited to bring a plate to share for afternoon tea, enhancing the friendly and inclusive atmosphere.
“Watching our students transform from beginners to confident medalists is truly inspiring,” said a representative from Let’s Dance Studio. “The support and camaraderie within our community make events like these so special.”
The event concluded with more social dancing, allowing everyone to join in and celebrate the achievements of the day. The low entry cost of $5 ensured that families and friends could come together for an enjoyable afternoon, reinforcing the studio’s mission to make dance accessible and enjoyable for all.

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