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Electric Wonderland is back at Rosalind Park for the 2024 winter school holidays! Experience the magic of Electric Wonderland again.
– secure your tickets now at www.electricwonderland.com.au –
Electric Wonderland is set to dazzle Bendigo’s Rosalind Park once again for the 2024 winter school holidays. Running from June 28 to July 14, this enchanting sound and light show will immerse visitors in a spectacular array of interactive exhibits, magical projections, and the latest audio-visual technology.
The event will feature numerous highlights, including a 40-meter replica of the Sacred Heart Cathedral adorned with 80,000 fairy lights, an interactive field of color-changing eggs, and a mesmerizing laser light show. Visitors can also enjoy interactive sketch screens and musical stepping-stones, perfect for all ages.
Electric Wonderland will operate every night, with off-peak sessions from Sunday to Thursday, 6 pm to 9 pm, and peak sessions on Friday and Saturday, 6 pm to 10 pm. Ticket prices range from $20 for adults during off-peak times to $22 during peak times, with family packages available for both periods.
“This event promises to be an unforgettable experience for the whole family,” said the event organizers. “With its magical installations and interactive features, Electric Wonderland offers a unique opportunity to explore the visually spectacular world of sound, light, and color.”
In addition to the main event, a pop-up ice rink will be available for family fun, offering even more winter festivities. Don’t miss out on this breathtaking experience 

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